About Us

Board of Directors and Management Team

Rabin Dhakal, Board Member and Chief Technological Officer

Rabin Dhakal hold Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engienering from Pulchowk Campus, Tribhuvan University and currently pursuing PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University, USA. He has more than six years of experience in research and devlopment works related to renewable energy technologies like micro hydro, solar, wind energy etc. Rabin is highly motivated, hard-working, with a real passion for implementing research findings through commericialization. This is demonstrated through his drive during his final year research project of his undergradaute degree, which has led to Rabin becoming the technical director of VES directly from this research, developing the use of ultra low head micro hydro power plant in Nepal and other part of world. Rabin has travelled more then a dozens of countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and America for presenting his research outcomes and steps toward commercialziation of the research. To know more about Rabin Dhakal please visit  https://rabindhakal.com/

Our Story and Mission

Demand of energy is ever increasing in the world and renewable energy such as hydro power, solar, wind etc has become one of the most demanded source of energy for its clearn energy production. For clean and sustainable development, we need to develop renewable energy sources. At this time, many countries energy policy sets out measures for developing renewable energy technologies to solve the global problems. Also, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is to ensure affordable and sustainable access to modern energy for all. Government cannot alone work on achieving this goal. Hence, we are helping people to help themselves to achieve the goal of easy access of energy.

Vortex Energy Solution (VES) is formed in 2015 at Nepal. It was formed initially formed to commercialize the research findings made by Rabin Dhakal et al in Tribhuvan University, Pulchowk Campus on Vortex Micro Hydro Power Technology. Vortex micro hydro technology is a new and emerging technique in context of low head hydro power. The research on the it originates from Austria in the year 2007. Conventionally the Austrain are using cylindrical basin structure to form a water vortex which is main source of power in GWVPP. So, the main interest of Rabin et al is to design the parameters of the vessel to increase the strength of water vortex. With the rigorous research, Rabin et al have developed a new mathematical model for the design of the basin structure and got a conclusion that the conical basin structure is efficient than cylindrical basin structure to create water vortex. Moreover, with many experimental testing and mathematical analysis, Rabin et al  got a conclusion that the position of turbine inside basin effect the efficiency to large extent and its position about 60%-70% height of basin from bottom position is optimum for maximum power extraction. Also, the curved profile runner is most efficient for power production. These three findings are breakthrough in research and development of GWVPP. Rabin et al  have published research articles in many National and international conference including International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications conference series from 2015 to 2018  in USA, UK, France, Korea etc , with many awards like innovative awards, best practice awards, special awards etc. This works has been getting the media coverage from the begining of its research.

After sucessfully pilot testing the Vortex turbine in 2016, the team started working on research and devlopment activities on different other forms of renewable energy technolgies. The VES is actively involve in  R & D works of which is supported by different national and international organization such as Alternative Energy Promotion Center, Nepal, State Level Government of Nepal etc. VES is collaborating with different universities and also taking research interns for its research and devloping activities. VES belives in research based devloping activities and also promoting it.

Recently, chief technological officer Rabin Dhakal of VES collaborate with Plug Hole Power Pty of Johannesburg, South Africa for implementing water vortex hydro power technology in various part of Africa. In 2019, Rabin visited many sites in South Africa and Swaziland and conduct the detail feasibility study on those sites for implementation of water vortex power plant. As a pilot (demonstration) project for Africa, Plug Hole Power Pty is devloping 2 units of 10kW each of vortex power plant at Johhannesburg. After the sucess of this project, Plug Hole Power Pty is planning to implement two other project one at Zambia (300 kW) and another at Hennops River (150 kW), Gauteng, Johhannesburg.

Subash Gautam, Board Member

Subash hold Masters degree in IT from La Trobe Univeristy, Australia and currently pursuing PhD in Manufacturing, Materials and Mechatronics (MM&M) Engineering from RMIT University, Australia. He has been researching in renewable energy technolgies since six years and publish many peer reviewed articles in the field.

Kshitiz Khanal, Board Member

Kshitiz hold Masters degree in Energy System Planning from Kathmandu University and currently pursuing PhD in Energy System Planning from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA. He has been working on the R & D of renewable energy system since six years and publish many peer reviewed articles in the field. He is also active member of open knowledge foundation.

Binod Babu Kumal, Board Member and Project Engineer

Binod hold bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from pulchowk campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He has been working on research and devlopment activities in renewable energy sector of Nepal since six years. He has also written many peer reviewed research articles.

Niwesh Koirala, Acting CEO and Project Engineer

Niwesh hold bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from NIT, India and currently pursuing MBA degree from Kathmandu University, Nepal. He has more than five years of experience in civil construction design and site works. He has also been researching in the field of micro and mini hydro power of Nepal and publish several peer reviewed research articles.

Suresh Bhandari, Board Member and Business Devlopment

Suresh hold bachelor’s degree in electronics and communication engineering from purbanchal university, Nepal. He has two years of experience working as energy officer in ministry of energy of Nepal. He hold different positions in different government department of Nepal as Technical Officer.

Dhan Prasad Ghale, Board Member and IT officer

Dhan hold masters degree in information technology form purbanchal university, Nepal. He manages various comanies IT infrastructures and workign in renewable energy field since six years in Nepal. He also hold the responsibility of communication officer in VES.

Tilak Pokharel, Advisory Member

Tilak hold masters in Jornalism from Asian College of Journalism. He has more than a decade of experience working in different print media of Nepal. Now he has been serving as publication Information Officer at United Nation Interim Force, Lebanon.

Dr. Laxmi Devkota, Advisory Member

Dr. Devkota hold PhD degree in Hydrological Engineering from Nagoya University Japan and have been taking lead roles in various governmental and non government organization. He was past executive director of Budhigandaki Hydro Power Devlopment Association (biggest hydro project of Nepal).

Yubara Dhakal, Chairman of Board & MD

Yubaraj hold bachelor’s degree in electronics and communication engineering form purbanchal university. He has been promoting renewable energy technologies in Nepal since a decade. He has more than 10 years of experience of managing differnet organizations.