Vortex Energy Solution provides services of various disciplines and the type. To carry out Pre feasibility study, feasibility study, Survey Design, Cost Estimate, Supervision, Installation/Construction, Monitoring and Evaluation of the following various disciplines are the major areas of expertise of the Vortex Energy Solution:
>Micro/Mini and Small Hydro Projects
>Research and Development
>Preparation of Development plan and Profile
>Technical Auditing
>Energy Auditing
>Rural Infrastructure Technology Development
>Natural Resources Management
>Alternative Transportation
>Alternative Energy (Solar Energy & Wind Energy etc)
>Rural Water Supply and sanitation projects
>Small Irrigation Projects
>Socio-economic Survey
>Survey (Topographic, River, Traffic, geological, Natural Resources) 

In all the fields mentioned above, the Vortex Energy Solution Pvt Ltd is able to provide an entire scope of Consulting Services, implementation, supervision, system installation, monitoring & evaluation, impact study and research as well.